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Shipping information

Expected time of delivery following the submission of an order

  • 2–3 business days for products at stock in the warehouse
  • Approx. 5–8 business days when delivered from a Hungarian warehouse
  • Approx. 5–18 business days when delivered from a foreign warehouse

For prepayment by bank transfer, the parcel is dispatched only after the receipt of the respective amount.

Forms of takeover

Only delivery, there is no option for collection in person.

The following forms of delivery can be chosen:

  • Home delivery from domestic source to domestic address with GLS parcel service: HUF 1460
  • Collection in person from a domestic warehouse at a GLS ParcelShop: HUF 1460
  • Delivery to a foreign country within Europe from a domestic source (GLS): HUF 6000 Ft
  • Home delivery from a foreign source to a domestic address with GLS parcel service: HUF 1460
  • Collection in person from a foreign warehouse at a GLS ParcelShop: HUF 1460
  • Delivery from a foreign source within Europe (GLS): HUF 6000
  • For most large household appliances, as irrespective of the cart value, the cost of shipping is HUF 6000, and only delivery in Hungary is undertaken.
  • The cost of shipping is HUF 6000 for the following products: Rack server, Built-in dishwashers, Built-in refrigerators, freezers, Built-in coffee-makers, Mini kitchens, Built-in over and cooktop sets, Drying machines, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Cookers, Dishwashers, Combined refrigerators, Freezer cabinets, Chest freezers, Display coolers, Side by side refrigerators, Air-conditioners, Gas boilers, Instantaneous water heater, Treadmills, Bathtubs, Shower cabins and shower doors, Concrete mixers and barrows, Garden furniture sets, Garden chairs and sunbeds, Garden tables, Hammocks and swings, Furniture sets, Sofas and TV sets over 138-cm diameter.

Home delivery with GLS parcel service

Once your parcel has been handed over to the parcel service, inquiries can be directed to the following contacts:

  • Customer services for addressees from 7:00 until 20:00 on business days
    • Telephone: +36 1 802 0265*
    • Mobile: +36 20 890-0660*
  • For further information in relation to deliveries, please consult the page.

Collection in person at GLS ParcelShops

GLS ParcelShops serve both the posting and collection of parcels. They are operated in various shops where you can quickly make arrangements in connection with your parcels. Hungary has more than 650 GLS ParcelShops where parcels can be collected. On arrival, you are sent e-mail/text notification, and then you have 5 business days to collect your consignment in person in the opening hours of the shop. On collection, you are required to confirm your personal identity with the use of your personal identity card or passport.

List of GLS ParcelShops:

Delivery to a foreign address

Forms of payment

Parcels ordered with shipping to a foreign address may be delivered solely upon prepayment by bank transfer or bankcard payment.

Parcels are prepared within 1–5 business days once the underlying orders are processed! Should shipping be arranged differently for any reason, our employees will contact you. The lead time of shipping is 2 business days following the POSTING of the parcel.

*Attention! Exceptions

The terms and conditions of shipping distributed by the third-party partners of the online marketplace can be found at the website of the partner concerned.

If your order includes both products distributed by Zamnia and products distributed by third-party partners, they shall be delivered separately, meaning that a separate parcel will be received from both distributors.

IMPORTANT: If any external damage is detected at the time of the receipt of the parcel, open the parcel still in the presence of the courier. In case the product shows any sign of damage, please, do not accept the product, but return it to us with the courier! We will provide for replacement as soon as it is practicable, and find out the cause of the damage.